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​Radon is a risk to homeowners and animals. It is recommended by the EPA that all homes in Oregon are tested. The EPA recommends that if the radon levels are at or above 4.0 pCi/L, then remediation should be done to lower the risk. Combined with smoking, the risk of cancer is up to 50 percent higher.

All of our installers are RADON CERTIFIED to perform radon tests with the Radstar Continuous Monitors. This provides them with the knowledge and skills for the highest level of Radon testing results within their control. 

Note: The Oregon Radon Website lists the Companies in Oregon that have at least one Radon Certified Installer to be on the list. This doesn't guarantee that all the installers for a company are certified and trained in providing the highest level of accuracy for radon results.

Larry and Betty have worked with us for close to a decade servicing our clients in capturing accurate radon levels; enabling O'Neil Inspections to empower our clients with the details needed for a better peace of mind.

Betty has held her C-101 -Rn and Rn Decay Product Measurement Certification since 2017.

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Meet our Radon Team

Larry and Betty

O'Neil Home Inspections, LLC

What We Provide

We use RadStar Continuous Radon Monitoring tests. These are short -term (approx. 2-4 days) and results are provided as soon as the testing is complete.

We guarantee the annual calibration of our Radstar resting devices as required. Recalibration documents on file.


We do not do mitigation as to avoid conflicts of interest.